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the fur that he is wearing is the fur that he prefers


Student, dreamer, reader, walker, writer of many things that aren't finished.

I have a boy's name, but I am in fact a girl. I come from a big family but I am the oldest. I have OTPs that I ship like burning and favorite bands and sacred books and revered films. I swear I will finish my Big Bang. I like to talk about almost everything. There are certain boys and girls who can lure me into watching anything. I like a lot of art and I am worried I will get myself a tattoo of something Harry Clarke one of these days.

This is a little friends only because I tried to never bring up RL here and I failed, but I bet I will like you. I bet you will like me, even though this comes off as such serious business.


I don't have time to watch a lot of shows, but I do what I can.

Currently they are: Skins, Merlin, 30 Rock, Gossip Girl. Seen a little Southland, Robin Hood and Legend of the Seeker. I think Roswell will always be my favorite, Firefly is probably second. Ridiculous shows cannot be forgotten either (Metalocalypse, Tom Goes to the Mayor/Tim and Eric, Space Ghost...)

I am better at movies. My all time favorites include High & Low, Pelle the Conqueror, Star Wars, Black Orpheus, My Man Godfrey, Samurai Spy, Three Days of the Condor, Brick, Mystery Train, Atl, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sleepy Hollow. I am always up for a good sci-fi or action flick, but you're probably not going to get to me to the rom-com.

Just watched: Los Cronocrimenes, In the Mood For Love, S Darko (hahahahahah)


Night Rally, Yellow Elephant, Fred Falke and Alan Braxe, Regina, Bat for Lashes, Pumice, Kemialliset Ystavat, The Kills, Liars, Lucky Dragons, Outkast, Adam Ant, Excepter, The Legends, Rod Stewart, Black Pus, Pocahaunted, Interpol, Duran Duran, Big Country, Human League, lots of silly random songs (see: Rhythm of the Night - Corona), The Strokes, Grouper, Black Dice, Blank Dogs, P Wolf, Have a Nice Life, Passion Pit, axolotl, the knife, abe vigoda, have a nice life, t.i., Why?, Grizzly Bear, Les Rallizes Denudes, Sonic Youth, Mouthus, James Chance, Blonde Redhead, Woelv, M.I.A., Terrestrial Tones, Lucky Dragons, Black Dice, Yellow Swans, Panda Bear, Indian Jewelry, Atlas Sound, Gang Gang Dance, Prince Rama of Ayodhya, Paavojarhu, Wolf Parade etc etc etc


If you don't like to read I actually feel sorry for you. This part is serious business.

His Dark Materials, HP, Evelyn Waugh, Solzhenitsyn, Garcia Marquez, Orhan Pamuk, Tolkien, Neal Stephenson, Ian McEwan, Dumas, Jane Austen, Wilde, Dylan Thomas, Gorey, BolaƱo, Pterry, Zola, Nabokov, Gaiman, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell, Murakami, Garth Nix, The Plague, Brian Jacques, William Gibson, Capote, The Prestige, Devil In the White City

Ella Enchanted, Wait 'til Helen Comes, Starring Sally J Freedman As Herself.


I take a lot of pictures. Mostly I use a camera that is made of plastic.

Cabo Rojo AThat thing on the roof

good rowing formDead Deer

In case of my untimely death, my eulogy has been written by [personal profile] anowlinsunshine
For staraflur, because she would have wanted porn. we know these things. She would have wanted you to violate countless copyrights to have this free music. right now, wherever she is, she sees your in-progress downloads and smiles. a lot. we know these things, too. While we're at it, take this illegal copy of photoshop, too. She would have wanted that, as well. DON'T QUESTION IT, JUST DO IT. HONOR HER MEMORY. OR NO MORE PORN.

Interests (55):

adult swim, agonizing over writing, anime, art, atlanta, being useless, books, clothes i can't afford, count of monte cristo, dumas, dylan thomas, early 00's garage rock, eskimo king, evelyn waugh, film, gossip girl, gossip girl harry clarke, gq motherfuckers, harry clarke, harry potter, havemercy, high and low, his dark materials, holgatron, important gossip, kurosawa, lady gaga's videos, lesser bond themes, lord of the rings, lorna doone, lots of bbc shows, marcus kenney, merlin, merlin bbc, movies, music, narnia, neal stephenson, orfeu negro, pelle the conqueror, peter and carl, phillip pullman, rainer gross, reading a lot, remus lupin, sabriel, shows, skins on and off, taking pictures, terry pratchett, the libertines, the new calvin harris, whenremixesarebetterthantheoriginals, white lies post gg, william steiger

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